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Fuel consumption system for petrol and diesel engine

Broiltech provide solution of fuel consumption measuring system for diesel generator, diesel engine, petrol engine, automobile vehicle, marine Ship and Boat, mines equipment and mobile tower BTS system

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Tank Level automation- fuel and water management

Broil sensotek industries provide tank automation for water and fuel tank, its automatic control level of tank and display volume of liquid inside tank, same controller use for up to 1 to 20 tank automation with broiltech liquid level transmitter(BT PT 400) and accuracy level up to 0.5%

Automatic water metering system

Broiltech provide solution for automatic water billing system its called Water AMR System for resident society, apartment and industrial estate, same software use up to 400 meter, and water meter connected with software with wire and wireless system as per customer requirement,

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Fuel dispensing and delivery system

Broil produced Mobile fuel dispensing system easy to mount on truck and tanker, its a fully automatic fuel dispensing system with customer base programming for fuel quantity and money wise,
its is best and economical way to calculate and precise distribution of fuel from main tanker to different vehicle,
broiltech fuel dispenser is suitable for bio diesel and fuel diesel and petrol dispensing



broil product Service related question

broil sensotek industries service team 24 hour available online for provide guide and instruction for broiltech product,
also against advance instruction broiltech team provide installation and commissioning service

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