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Product Specification ::

BROILTECH fuel calculator is best of measuring total fuel consumption and fuel flow rate indicator of diesel engine, fuel calculator able to read two flow sensors and display both flow sensor reading and consume qty from subtraction 

Fuel calculator available with RS-485, RS232 output for data communication, 

Fuel calculator provide pulse output against consumption qty, 
 Password protection
Fuel calculator with inbuild data logging and checking memory & extended usb port for data syncronize

Technical specification: fuel calculator 

Input:  flow: 2 nos pulse input    

Output: Communication: RS 232/RS485 (optional)

          : Pulse output
          : Free output: 24v dc or 12v dc 

Display: backlit LCD,

          : 3 switching option

1)   Inline total , return line total, consumption: in-out, stock

2)   Inline flow rate, returnline flow rate , consume flow rate

3)   Inline time, return line time, consume time 

Measuring range: -9999 to 9999 flow rate

                        : 0 to 999999.99 flow total

Accuracy       : 0.2% FS +/- 1 D 

Power supply: 9 to 36 V DC

Operating temp: -20 to 80 deg c

Power consumption: less than 5 W

Over all above fuel calculator is more suitable for measuring fuel consumption of diesel engine,

Product Features ::

Diesel engine fuel calculator available with bellow mention future: 

Fuel calculator with inbuild data logging and checking memory & extended usb port for data syncronize 

- Indicate total fuel consumption by diesel engine

- Indicate total fuel supply toward engine

 - Indicate total fuel return from engine

 - indicate total time of fuel consume with fuel supply and return time
- indicate flow rate of inline and return line
  - Fuel measurement via any pulse output flow sensor

 - Suitable with all diesel engine

  - On board power supply from engine battery 5vdc TO 29 VDC
-It define you an accurate consumption of fuel so difficult to theft fuel from vehicle

Range ::

Broiltech fuel calculator is highly reliable and accurate fuel measurement device use at bellow industries and equipment :

1) Automobile vehicle: Truck, Tanker, Dumper, Tractor, School bus, taxi, diesel car
2)Heavy equipment and vehicle from Mines, Infrastructure, Construction , Real estate, Earth moving , Mineral industries, equipment and vehicle like: Excavator, Dossers, Motor graders, Loader, Backhoes, Track loader, Wheel loader, Tool carriers, Forklifts, Cranes, Pavers, Earthmoving equipment
3) Agriculture machinery and Equipment: Tractor, Diesel generator
4) Marine equipment: river boats, ship and other marine equipment
5) Diesel generator and diesel engine
6) Mobile tower and telecom industries

Product Applications ::

  • Fuel
  • Oil

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