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Fuel Consumption Meter | Diesel Flow Sensor


Model No ::

FCM- diesel generator fuel consumption meter

Product Specification ::

Diesel engine fuel consumption meter is creation from two Diesel flow sensor and one fuel calculator, full product is design, developed and tested by broiltech, and successfully run from last three years.
Broiltech fuel sensor is oval gear flow sensor, its measure and calculate total diesel quantity pass from
diesel tank to engine (a) and excess diesel return from engine to diesel tank (b), and after know both
diesel quantity its easy to calculate total fuel consumption of diesel generator (c) = (a) - (b),
and its our surety that our system accuracy: 0.5 % of real consumption.
Broiltech fuel calculator measure and calculate both fuel flow sensor fuel qty, fuel passing time and fuel consumption also broiltech fuel  calculator optionally able to provide RS-485/RS-232 / pulse output against fix use qty for connect with GPS and GPRS modem.

Technical data:

1) diesel flow sensor : one for inlet line and second for return line 
   Enclosure : Aluminum anodize
   sensing element : Aluminum anodize oval gear
   Accuracy (standard installation position):0.1 % fsd
   power: 5 vdc to 24  vdc

diesel flow sensor selection:
Bt-DOFS-006 -------  up to 200 HP Diesel Engines
Bt-DOFS-008-------- 200 HP TO 400 HP Diesel Engines
BT-DOFS-012------- 400 HP TO 1000 HP Diesel Engines
BT-DOFS-020------- 1000 HP TO 1500 HP Diesel Engines
BT-DOFS-025------- 1500 HP TO 2000 HP Diesel Engines

Fuel calculator:
  Fuel calculator with inbuild data logging and checking memory & extended usb port for data syncronize 
  Display: inline, return line and consume fuel qty and time, and flow rate
  Measure unit: selection available: litter/gallon/meter3 and many more Standard unit
  Power: 5 Vdc to 24  Vdc
  Calibration: easy to calibrate both connect fuel flow sensor

Product Features ::

 Fuel consumption meter available with digital output for connect to GPRS or GPS system 
 Available with GPS and GPRS system to monitoring vehicle fuel data via computer

Diesel generator fuel consumption meter available with bellow mention future: 
Fuel calculator with inbuild data logging and checking memory & extended usb port for data syncronize 
- Indicate total fuel consumption by diesel engine
- Indicate total fuel supply toward engine
- Indicate total fuel return from engine
- indicate total time of fuel consume with fuel supply and return time
- indicate flow rate of inline and return line
- Fuel measurement via positive displacement Base principle
- Suitable with all diesel engine
- On board power supply from engine battery 5vdc TO 29 VDC
- It define you an accurate consumption of fuel so difficult to theft fuel from vehicle

Range ::

fuel consumption meter for diesel engine, diesel generator, automobile vehicle, mobile BTS tower, marine ship and boat, minies vehicle and equipment

Product Applications ::

  • Fuel
  • Oil

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