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Smart battery operated electromagnetic flow meter with inbuilt GPRS

1000 mm electromagnetic flow meter stainless steel electromagnetic flow meter battery operated electromagnetic flow meter emf group

Model No ::


Product Specification ::

Electromagnetic flow meter with inbuild RF/GPRS/GSM/WIFI data transfer modem developed through specially design low power consumption electronic module that work with inbuild battery with lige cycle up to 3 years,

BROILTECH has owen android and web base application for check and logging flow meter data and report, 

also full system not require battery backup and battery charge facility up to 3 years,

more detail please contact company through email or phone,

Product Features ::

- smart electromagnetic flow meter is best for remote monitoring of flow meter data,
- electromagnetic flow meter available with all advance smart comunication option like : RFID, GPRS, GSM, WIFI, SMS FACILITY

Range ::

smart electromagnetic flow meter available from line size : 12 mm to 1000 mm,
available with M.S. / S.S./ HOUSING with PTFE, RUBBER COATING,
all standard electrode availble : S.S. 316/ HC/HB/TI/TN/PT

Product Applications ::

  • Pure Water
  • Waste Water
  • Acid& Chemical
  • Heat/BTU
  • Hygienic Liquid

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