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Level transmitter370

hydro static/submersible level transmitter

fuel consumption

Fuel consumption meter with inbuilt data logger

helical rotor liquid flow sensor

plastic helical rotor flow sensor 4 mm to 50mm line size

turbine flow meter

Turbine flow meter and sensor : Weight and measurement ( W&M) approved product

oval group

Oval gear positive displacement flow meter and pulse output sensor from 4 mm to 150 mm ( W&M APPROVED)

oval hear flow meter

Digital oil/fuel Flow Meter with battery/24v dc/230 vac power supply (W&M approved)

digital meter

Digital plastic flow meter battery operated

meter group

Mechanical oil flow meter with optional pulse/ 4 to 20 mA and RS 485 OUTPUT ( W&M approved)

1000 mm electromagnetic flow meter

Broiltech electromagnetic flow meter battery/24v dc/ 230 v ac power supply option ( W & M approved)

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