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Flow rate totalizer- commercial

flow totalizer flow rate gear flow flow totalizer flowrate totalizer

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Product Specification ::

BROILTECH produced flow rate totalize for liquid flow sensor, its very simple and low cost product for flow measurement with pulse output flow sensor, 

 Password protection with user friendly confuguration of use,  

Technical specification: flow rate totalize

Dimension: 96*96, 96*48 

Input:  flow: pulse input               

Output: analogue output: 4 to 20mA (optional)
          : Communication: RS 232/RS485 (optional)
          : Relay: 1 or 2 relay (batching relay with flow rate And total)
          : Pulse output
          : Free output: 24v dc or 12v dc

Display: backlit LCD,

            : Display flow rate, flow total, alarm status
Measuring range: -9999 to 9999 flow rate
                        : 0 to 999999.99 flow total

Accuracy       : 0.2% FS +/- 1 D
Power supply: AC 220V /24V DC
Operating temp: -20 to 60 deg c

Power consumption: less than 10 W

Over all above flow rate totalize is simple and easy to use for single application

Product Features ::

Easy to use with simple manual,
use for any standard pulse output flow sensor,
available many optional output: relay for batch controller, pulse output, RS 485 OUTPUT

Range ::

pulse output flow sensor

Product Applications ::

  • Pure Water
  • Waste Water
  • Fuel
  • Oil
  • Acid& Chemical
  • High Viscosity Liquid
  • Hygienic Liquid

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