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sight glass flow indicator with Liquid flow sensor

sight glass flow sensor flow sensor polycarbonate flow meter polycarbonate sight glass flow meter

Model No ::


Product Specification ::

Broiltech produced POLYCARBONATE flow meter and flow sensor that provide sight flow indication with battery operated display or pulse output, 

Helical rotor polycarbonate flow meter and sensor


Material of construction:

Enclosure                   : PC + GF

Rotor                          : PA66/POM/PPS

Shaft                           : Hard Stainless Steel-316

bearing : carbon/pom with hard S.S. BALL

Accuracy (standard installation position) : +/-  0.5 or 1%  FSD

Repeatability : 0.05%                                                                                                             

Maximum working pressure : 2.5 MPa                                             

Fluid &Ambient temperature: -40 to 120 Deg. C

Connection: Thread (M)


1) Pulse output sensor :

a) Hall sensor

Power voltage: 5 to 24  V DC/ Low power: 2 to 5 V DC

Output signal: NPN open connector                                          


high electric level : High than 4.5 VDC( input voltage 5 VDC)

low electric level  : lower than 0.5 VDC( input voltage 5 VDC)

b) Reed sensor

c) pick up coil - two wire/ amplified three wire option


 2) Battery operated meter  :

Power voltage: 3.0 Vbatteries can be used more than 1 years in a row.

display mode:

Double row Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), as follows:

     L XXX. X    four instantaneous flow (m3 / h) or L/h

     L XXXX. X    Partial total  (m3 / h) or L/h

     XXXXX.X*100  eight cumulative flow (m3)  or L

    XXXXX.X*100  eight cumulative flow (m3)  or L( never reset total)

Cumulative flow: automatically expand the display precision, the cumulative flow/partial values can be reset.

Power-fail protection: instrument coefficient, the Total flow values ten years is not lost when power supply drop.


3) Display with 4 to 20 mA Output

Power voltage: 24 V DC

Output signal: 4 TO 20 mA



Helical flow sensor model no wise  Technical data:


Model no                   Connection(M)                   Range                           Pulse/Litter  


BT-PHTFS-004            1/4 BSP                        5~40~400 L/H                        4200

BT-PHTFS-008            1/2 BSP                     10~150~1500 L/H                     1200

BT-PHTFS-012            3/4BSP                      50~500~5000 L/H                     215

BT-PHTFS-020            1” BSP                      80~8000~8000 L/H                       97

BT-PHTFS-025            1.25” BSP              100~1000~10000 L/H                    52 

Product Features ::

             flow measurment with 1% accuracy,             
             • I ndependent of viscosity, perfect for 1 to 106 mm²/s
             • Low pressure drop compared with other positive displacement meters
             • High resolution
            • Pulsation-free measurement, non-sensitive to pulsating flows
            • Resistant to corrosion by advanced materials and bearings

Range ::

Product Applications ::

  • Pure Water
  • Fuel
  • Oil
  • High Viscosity Liquid

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