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Plastic Water Flow Sensor

helical rotor liquid flow sensor 04 mm micro flow sensor water flow sensor liquid flow sensor

Model No ::

BT PHTFS - Plastic flow sensor

Product Specification ::

plastic helical rotor water flow sensor is positive displacement base principle with low pressure loss, high accuracy and not depend on viscosity so its best option for dispensing and metering application for all liquid.

broil developed and designed helical rotor plastic water flow sensor with
 pulse output, fully inhouse facility including injection moulding machine and owen mould and tools,

Plastic flow sensor is best for water and liquid automatic dispensing machine, its also best for water AMR SYSTEM,

Water flow sensor pulse output :
Material of construction: 

Enclosure                   : PA66 + GF

Rotor                          : PA66/POM/PPS

Shaft                           : Hard Stainless Steel-316

bearing : carbon/pom with hard S.S. BALL

Accuracy (standard installation position) : +/-  0.5 or 1%  FSD

Repeatability : 0.05%                                                                                                             

Maximum working pressure : 2.5 MPa                                             

Fluid &Ambient temperature: -40 to 120 Deg. C

Connection: Thread (M)


1) Pulse output sensor :

a) Hall sensor

Power voltage: 5 to 24  V DC/ Low power: 2 to 5 V DC

Output signal: NPN open connector                                          


high electric level : High than 4.5 VDC( input voltage 5 VDC)

low electric level  : lower than 0.5 VDC( input voltage 5 VDC)

b) Reed sensor

c) pick up coil - two wire/ amplified three wire option 


Helicalrotor water flow sensor model no wise  Technical data:


Model no                   Connection(M)                   Range                           Pulse/Litter  


BT-PHTFS-004            1/4 BSP                        5~40~400 L/H                        4200

BT-PHTFS-008            1/2 BSP                     10~150~1500 L/H                     1200

BT-PHTFS-012            3/4BSP                      50~500~5000 L/H                     215

BT-PHTFS-020            1” BSP                      80~8000~8000 L/H                     97

BT-PHTFS-025            1.25” BSP              100~1000~10000 L/H                    52

BT-DFS-600        40 mm    --1.5” Thread         7~2,00L/H                            29

BT-DFS-700        50 mm    --2” Thread           10~500L/H                            14

Product Features ::

Water flow sensor with food grade plastic material,
Very good repetability
working temperature up to 120 deg c
available with optional battery operated display and panel mount display

Range ::

Helical rotor water flow Sensor are positive displacement meters with a very favorable low pressure drop behavior.
therefore perfectly suited for the flow measurement of very high viscosity fluids.
Due to wide measuring ranges, high accuracy and resolution helical flow meters are an excellent choice for
laminating systems, painting systems, adhesive dispense systems, as well as batching systems for various fluids.

Product Applications ::

  • Pure Water
  • Heat/BTU
  • Hygienic Liquid

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