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BROIL Sensotek industries Management process certified by ISO 9001, and manufacturing facility and product approved by Weight and Measurement ( w&m) , CE, Indian Legal Metrology, IBR ( Indian Boiler Regulation) ,
Broil is one of the leading manufacturer of Flow meter mainly : Oval gear flow meter and sensor for fuel and high viscous liquid, Turbine flow sensor and meter for low viscous liquid, Helical rotor plastic & Metal digital flow meter and sensor, Electromagnetic flow meter for waste and clean water, Vortex flow meter for steam, gas and liquid, Digital pressure gauge, process control instrument, software and its accessories established in 2006 in India based at MEHSANA in GUJARAT state. company has owen technical team for R&D and software development.

Company is run and managed by young entrepreneurs of the similar field and in market since last 13 years. Company has earned good reputation in market The dynamism, vision and experience has been carried over the years reaping the benefits
The updated technology is being used to convert customer requirements in to products through strong technical base. He has started operations and being penetrated in market of quality and application conscious customer / company / corporation present in field. To achieve Maximum Customer Satisfaction is the philosophy of the company. BROIL shall provide help to customers for identifying application areas, solving the problems & quicker services through Q.C. & marketing Department as well as attending customer complaints in time.
Company is professionally managed with experienced technologists and dedicated team of dynamic technocrats & experience staff in the field and management is continually starving in investing new facilities, people and technology

Mission & Vision

core product


The Broil Group is proud of its performance culture. We are committed to the pursuit of challenging targets, and to safety, environmental protection, continuous improvement, openness and social responsibility in every aspect of our business around the world.

Vision 2020 :

The Broil Group is to be “ the world’s Best process instrument and software company, offering best quality product everywhere at world”

Mission 2020 :

Best means: Best in Customer value, Customer service, Consistent product quality, Growth world wide with Business Ethics.

Quality Assurance

  1. Design and testing

    BROIL sensotek industries (ISO 9001:2008 & CE certified) “broil” Brand product win customer heart only due to best in house quality control, its divide in bellow part :
    1) Design and control
    2) Quality control plan : Incoming and in process inspection
    3) Final Assembly , Testing and Calibration of finish product with Test Reports
    4) Detail of laboratory quality system

Broil Group

Broil Sensotek Industries :

its a main company of broil group engage in production of
Process Control Instrument and its Software
Broil Sensotek Industris main product as bellow
-- Turbine flow sensor and meter
-- Helical rotor flow sensor and meter
-- Plastic water flow sensor
-- Plastic digital flow meter
-- Electromagnetic flow meter
-- Pressure Transmitter
-- Temperature sensor
-- Digital flow meter & sensor
-- Software development
-- Indicator and controller
-- R&D department

Broil fleet management :

Its engage in production of fuel consumption & monitoring system and its accessories,
its main product:
-- Oval gear fuel flow sensor and meter
-- Positive displacement flow sensor and meter
-- Fuel consumption meter for diesel generator, automobile vehicle, marine ship and boat, mines equipment, mobile tower BTS and agriculture machinery
-- Fuel dispensing system
-- Fuel tanker loading & unloading system

Broil tool room :

Toolroom Work related to CNC and VMC base precision machining work, all three company in one roof and capable to provide customer satisfaction in them field, , BROIL group is engage in industrial field from last 12 years.

The Best of Professionals


Fuel and water consumption and metering

Broil group main specialty with best technology and experience in water and fuel consumption measurement, both water and fuel consumption measurement is hot issues in current word environment, and Broil provide best solution in this field with long term stability with high accuracy

Qualified People


Mr. Montu Patel ( Head-Software )

graduate in instrumentation and master degree in computer science and has 7 year experiance in instrument SCADA , PLC and software development


Mr. Gaurav patel ( Head- production and planing)

Gaurav patel is Graduate in mechanical engineering and 5 years experience in production planing and machining department


Mr. Dipak sadhu ( R&D )

Diploma in production engineering and 10 years experience in design , graphics and programing of CNC base machinery,


Mr. Vishal patel ( Head-Marketing)

Master degree in marking administration and computer science and 10 years experience in customer development and customer service

Our Skills and Experience


Instrumentation and control

Company founder Mr. Mahesh Patel ( Mechanical engineer) and co-founder Mr. Vipul patel ( instrument and control engineer) are start Broil group at 2006 as vision with provide solution to world industries a best instrumentation product and software with economical way, and still they produced many product as a pioneer in india like : oval gear positive displacement flow sensor and meter, Helical rotor positive displacement flow sensor and meter, Hydrostatic level transmitter, and complete special automation project for Indian railway sleeper plant

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