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RTD Temperature Sensor

pt 100 thermocouple rtd Thermocuple temperature sensor

Model No ::

rtd pt100/pt 1000

Product Specification ::

Broiltech RTD temperature sensor is fine accuracy and CE certified temperature sensor. Broiltech RTD temperature sensor available in with: PT-100, PT-1000 AND PT-10 element, with different material of construction and dimension as per customer requirement.

1) RTD –PT-100 Temperature Sensor (simplex/Duplex)
RTD, PT-100/1000/10 Temperature Sensor
Certificate: CE
Principle: basic physical property of a metal is that its electrical resistivity changes with temperature.
Type: 2/3 Wire, simplex /duplex
Sheath Dia: minimum 1 mm to 20 mm
Sheath Length: minimum 10mm to as you require
Sheath material: S.S-304/310/316/446, Nickel, Inconel-601, Incoloy-800, Ceramic Tube, Porcelain, Aluminum Oxide
Accuracy: As Per Din/ANSI Std.
Construction: simplex/duplex/triplex
Termination Head: Weatherproof/Explosion proof/Plug/Bare wire
Connection: Standard Thread/Flange/Tri-clover (as you require)
Insulation: ceramic BID/MGO powder/mineral insulated
Minimum: -200°C to maximum 650°C^
Head  : Cast Al. Weatherproof OR 2.5 Meter S.S. Breaded Teflon Cable

Product Features ::

RTD Platinum temperature sensor is CE certified,
available in flamproof and wetherproof enclosure,
available in CLASS-A/B accuracy

Range ::

RTD Platinum temperature sensor
Minimum: -200°C to maximum 650°C^

Product Applications ::

  • Pure Water
  • Waste Water
  • Fuel
  • Oil
  • Air & Gas
  • Steam
  • Acid& Chemical
  • High Viscosity Liquid
  • Heat/BTU
  • Hygienic Liquid

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