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Model No ::


Product Specification ::

Broil sensotek industries, producer of Digital plastic Helical flow meter with digital display battery operated, 

Model No : BT- PHTFS-D
Manufacturer : BROILTECH

Material of construction:

Enclosure                   : PA66 + GF

Rotor                          : PA66/POM/PPS

Shaft                           : Hard Stainless Steel-316

bearing : carbon/pom with hard S.S. BALL

Accuracy (standard installation position) : +/-  0.5 or 1%  FSD

Repeatability : 0.05%                                                                                                             

Maximum working pressure : 2.5 MPa                                             

Fluid &Ambient temperature: -40 to 120 Deg. C

Connection: Thread (M)

 1) Battery operated meter  :

Power voltage: 3.0 Vbatteries can be used more than 1 years in a row.

display mode:

Double row Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), as follows:

     L XXX. X    four instantaneous flow (m3 / h) or L/h

     L XXXX. X    Partial total  (m3 / h) or L/h

     XXXXX.X*100  eight cumulative flow (m3)  or L

    XXXXX.X*100  eight cumulative flow (m3)  or L( never reset total)

Cumulative flow: automatically expand the display precision, the cumulative flow/partial values can be reset.

Power-fail protection: instrument coefficient, the Total flow values ten years is not lost when power supply drop.


2) Display with 4 to 20 mA Output

Power voltage: 24 V DC

Output signal: 4 TO 20 mA 


Helical flow Meter model no wise  Technical data: 

Model no                   Connection(M)                   Range                           


BT-PHTFS-004            1/4 BSP                        5~40~400 L/H                       

BT-PHTFS-008            1/2 BSP                     10~150~1500 L/H                     

BT-PHTFS-012            3/4BSP                      50~500~5000 L/H                     

BT-PHTFS-020            1” BSP                      80~8000~8000 L/H                       

BT-PHTFS-025            1.25” BSP              100~1000~10000 L/H                   

BT-DFS-600        40 mm    --1.5” Thread         7~2,00L/H

BT-DFS-700        50 mm    --2” Thread           10~500L/H


Product Features ::

Plastic digital water flow meter is best economical solution of water consumption measurement at industrial and residential application,

plastic digital water flow meter available with battery operated display plus  optional pulse output for water billing system and WATER AMR application

Range ::

midi water flow sensor and meter

Product Applications ::

  • Pure Water
  • Heat

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