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Oval Gear Flow Meter

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Model No ::


Product Specification ::

Oval gear fuel flow meter is a positive displacement volumatric flow meter, available with RS485/Pulse/Current/Hart output and inbuild flowrate and totalize digital display,

positive displacement flow measurment has accuarate and precision teethed two oval shape gear, Gear rotate when flow pass on measuring chamber and Magnetic pickup sensor/ Hall sensor use for measuring rotation  of gear, and each rotation equal to fix value of fluid volume,

Digital Fuel Flow Meter available with :

--- Inline battery operated digital display
--- 4 to 20 mA output inline digital display
--- Panel mount digital display
--- Mechanical counter flow meter

Technical specification:

CE certified product

Working  principle: oval gear positive displacement
Accuracy (standard installation position) : ±0.1% FSD or 0.5%RS
Repetability :0.01 %

Maximum working pressure

MPa = 50 bar  for aluminum body
MPa = 250 bar for s.s. body
above 250 bar please contact company

Fluid &Ambient temperature
: -40 to 150°C

Power voltage
: 3 - 24V DC

Material of construction

Rotor and casing
       :    Aluminum anodize/ PPS/S.S-316

                      :     NBR/VITON/SILICON

                        :     Stainless Steel/ hastelloy

1) Battery operated fuel flow meter :

Power voltage: 3.3 V10AH lithium batteries can be used more than 5 years in a row.

display mode:
Double row Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), as follows:

     L XXX. X    four instantaneous flow (m3 / h) or L/h

       XX. XXXXXX eight cumulative flow (m3)  or L

Cumulative flow: automatically expand the display precision, the cumulative flow values can be reset.

Power-fail protection: instrument coefficient, the Total flow values ten years is not lost when power supply drop. 

2) Fuel flow meter Display with 4 to 20 mA Output

Power voltage: 24 V DC
Output signal: 4 TO 20 mA
optional        : RS-485
                   : HART protocol

Model no                Line size                     Range                    Litter/pulse 

BT-DOFS-003      4mm--  1/4” Thread      0.05~30L/H         0.000333 L/P

BT-DOFS-004      4mm --1/4” Thread       0.2~60L/H          0.000416 L/P

BT-DOFS-006      6mm --1/4” Thread       5~150L/H           0.000661 L/P

BT-DOFS-008      8 mm--3/8” Thread       20~300L/H          0.0025 L/P

BT-DOFS-012     12 mm--½” Thread         50~1200L/H         0.0025 L/P

BT-DOFS-020     20 mm--3/4” Thread       150~2,000L/H       0.0154 L/P

BT-DOFS-025     25 mm--1” Thread         200~4,000L/H       0.0256 L/P

BT-DOFS-040     40 mm-- 1.5” Flange      00~10,000L/H       0.086 L/P

BT-DOFS-050     50 mm-- 2” Flange        600~20,000L/H      0.19 L/P

BT-DOFS-080     80 mm -- 3” Flange       1,000~50,000L/H    0.54 L/P

BT-DOFS-100     100 mm--  4” Flange     2,000~100,000L/H    1.0 L/P

BT-DOFS-150     150 mm--  4” Flange     5,000~150,000L/H    3.2 L/P

Product Features ::

Broiltech is producer of CE certified  oval gear  flow meter  for measuring flow of fuel, kerosene, Gasoline, diesel, light oil, heavy oil, petrol ,LDO, HDO, and other high viscous liquied. 
BROILTECH brand fuel flow meter is high accuracy oval gear positive displacement flow sensor,

Range ::

oval gear fuel flow meter application selection as per bellow detail
: Aluminum wetted part : kerosene, Gasoline, diesel, light oil, heavy oil
: S.S. wetted part : wine, bear, alcohole, milk, juice, coffee, tea
: PPS wetted part : for all chemical and pharma drug

Product Applications ::

  • Fuel
  • Oil
  • Acid& Chemical
  • High Viscosity Liquid

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