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Pressure Transmitter OEM Economical

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Model No ::

BT PT 1100

Product Specification ::

Broiltech Low cost pressure transmitter : BT TP 1100 is very economical pressure transmitter available in indian market with 0.5% accuracy.
BT PT 1100 pressure transmitter is very best for OEM application, its very best for air, gas and liquied application. 
BT PT 1100  pressure transmitter is CE certified product.
BROILTECH  design many model of pressure transmitter as per customer application wise, and all model available with competitive price with high quality technology.

OEM Pressure transmitter

Model : BT-PT-1100  
Output signal         : 4 . .20 mA, 0 .. 5/10 Vdc,   
Power supplier       : 10 ... 28Vdc (Current Output), 15 .. 30 Vdc (Voltage Output)  
Material in contact : AISI3l6L
Case           : AISI304  
Process connection : G1l4” OR G1/2”
Life Cycle  :  > 10 Million 
Overpressure           :  x2 - x3 FS
Protection   :  IP65
Permitted temperature fluid : -20..+100°C  
Sensor class (included linearity and hysteresis) : 0,25 % ~ 0.5 %FSD 
Sensor : Ceramic
Range : vacuum, compound(+/-), and positive :0 to 1 bar----1000 bar

Product Features ::

Low cost OEM pressure transmitter :
CE certified product,
Pressure transmitter available with test and calibration certificate, 
Pressure transmitter available with all thread and flange connection as per customer drawing,
Many optional output : current and voltage
available in Flamproof housing

Range ::

Range : vacuum, compound(+/-), and positive :0 to 1 bar----1000 bar

Product Applications ::

  • Pure Water
  • Air & Gas

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