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Inteligent Fow Rate Totalizer - Mass, Volume, Steam, BTU

    flow rate totalizer for mass
  • flow rate totalizer for mass
  • intelligent flow rate tantalizer
  • very accurate flow totalizer
  • mass flow display

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Product Specification ::

Broil sensotek industries Design, developed and marketing ( not produced) all in one flow Computer for all flow meter available in market  like : vortex, turbine, electromagnetic, roots, gear, duplex rotor, orific plate, V-corn, annubar and thermal flow meter,

its use for all flow measuring application like  measuring of : liquied volume, liquied mass, gas volume, gas mass, saturated vapor, superheated vapor and  vapor auto,

Flow compensation with pressure, temperature and standard density, 

Self test facility and self diagnosis facility, 

3 level password protection, 

Inbuilt large storage capacity: day and month record 5 years, and year record: 20 years, 

Optional communication : GPRS/ETHERNET/PRINTER

Technical specification : flow computer

Dimension : 180*80mm (Horizontal) 

Input :

1)   flow : pulse input : rectangular/sine and triangle

             : current : 0 to 10, 4 to 20 mA,

2)   Pressure & temp. comp.

           : Thermocouple any

           : RTD PT 100

           : 0 TO 10mA, 4 to 20mA,

Output: analogue output : 0 TO 10mA, 4 to 20mA,

          : communication: RS 232/RS485, Ethernet

          : switch : 2 alarm  with hysteresis ( 230v ac/24v dc)

          : pulse output

          : free output: 24v dc and 12v dc

Display : backlit 128*64 lattice LCD,

            : Display flow rate, flow total, energy, power, temp,

              pressure, density, medium heat enthalpy, time,

              Diff. pressure, date, time, alarm status

Measuring range: -999999 to 999999 flow rate

                        : 0 to 99999999.9999 flow total

Accuracy       : 0.2% FS +/- 1 D 

Power supply: AC 220V /24V DC

Printer : through RS 232 to Thermal printer

Operating temp : -20 to 60 deg c

Power consumption: less than 10 W

Protection: after power off total remained up to 20 year,

               : power supply low AUTO reset

               : abnormal working auto reset ( watch dog function)

               :short circuit protection

               : self heating fuse

Over all above flow computer is use for any fluid, gas and vapor measurement  and control technology      

Product Features ::

its single flow computer that solve your need of flow measuring industries,

Range ::

its use for all flow sensor with any input: pulse/current

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